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Every pet owner understands and feels that strong emotional bond that exists between a person and their pet, the understanding that like our own children, caring, trusting and innocent, they need to be loved and nurtured.  It is up to us to provide them with that safe, comfortable, fun place to romp around in.  They are our family, our best friend and an extension of who we are.  Most of all, pets have an amazing knack of making everything ok even in the midst of adversity. They teach you the true meaning of unconditional love, and for all they do for us each day, why not give them the best.


Collar Me Chic chooses only the freshest and hottest quality collars and we stand behind the products that we sell. Our company pact is to carry only those collar styles that have personally gotten the seal of approval from our own trusted family pooches and kitties.   Our measurement for quality is simple, "If it is not good enough for our pets, then it's not good enough for yours either". 

We get right down to the point on our mission statement – Great prices while offering you a wide assortment delivered with awesome customer service. That way everyone can dress their best friend in the very best in chic designer dog and cat collars.


As a small start-up business grounded with its philosophy from our love for animals, we are devoted to helping our local community by being socially responsible corporate citizens that shares its profits with charitable organizations for the betterment of our animal community.


Come back regularly to check out how we’re doing with our fundraising efforts under the Paw Postings section


Collar Me Chic
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